MediWeb, Inc.

Corporate Information


MediWeb continues to offer high value-added services borne of our knowledge of the latest ICT and today's healthcare environment.

MediWeb was started in Roppongi, Tokyo, in 2007 with the mission of improving the synergy between information, applications, and content in the healthcare space and improving the relationships of all those involved in healthcare. Since then, MediWeb has developed a track record in web design, web marketing, and developing and operating medical information systems. In 2012, we released our 3Bees : medical support apps. Since our inception, we have continuously developed and operated applications that support a more patient-facing medicine, services that focus on the trenches of health care to promote the increased linkage and circulation of medical information


MediWeb is founded

Began our web design and web marketing outsourcing practice.


Began providing content for medical companies geared at medical institutions

Began developing and managing the operation of business support systems for medical institutions, forming the prototype for our later 3Bees service


Commissioned to plan and develop a system for the Japanese Society of Tissue Transplantation, a Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Kakenhi) project

Began undertaking development work on ASP/SaaS for medical businesses

Developed and supported a SaaS solution for forwarding of clinical data for a major clinical research firm (conforming with all guidelines for handling of medical information)

Acquired as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nihon Ultmarc


Commissioned to plan and develop traceability systems in support of the creation of societal standards for organ transplant, a Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Kakenhi)

Commissioned to develop a medical institution data matching web service for a medical marketing business


Dissolution of acquisition by Nihon Ultmarc


Launch of 3Bees: medical support apps

Released the Bee Appointment Scheduler, Bee Waitline: Wait Line Management System, and Bee Patient Satisfaction Survey as part of the 3Bees service "Bee" lineup

Contributed to the planning of 2012 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry project investigating the creation of medical and nursing-related service industries

Contributed to the development of enterprise-level cloud services for a clinical research company

Consulting on the development of web business for a medical device manufacturer

Consulting on medical business systems for a medical group

Increased capital through third-party share allocation


Released Bee Follow up: Follow Up Instructions service as the 4th web application in the 3Bees service "Bee" lineup

Released a website creation service. The produced sites integrate seamlessly with our appointment scheduler and wait line management system, which improve patient service.


The number of the registered medical facilities with 3bees exceeded 1,000.

Released Bee e-Medical Questionare, Bee Exchange.

The number of the registered medical facilities with 3bees exceeded 2,500.

Released Bee Patient Check-in Asura.

The number of the registered medical facilities with 3bees exceeded 3,000.

Released Bee Metrics : Improve efficiency through data.


Certified with ISO/IEC 27001, an international standard for information security management.

3bees passes the 1 million diagnoses mark.

The number of the registered medical facilities with 3bees exceeds 4,000.


3bees passes the 2 million diagnoses mark.

Released Bee Compass and 3BeesUTM.