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Hao-Yung Yang 
Chairman & CEO

Hao-Yung Yang

Medicine evolving through information and communication technologies (ICT)

Today, information technology (IT) has expanded to encompass communication (C), ushering in the rapid development of information and communication technologies (ICT). We are now poised to seize this opportunity to develop the field of medicine further than ever before.

As someone long involved in the field of clinical medicine and continued research into medical information, I have newfound confidence that if the exchange of medical information improves in quality and increases in volume—if data linkage and information circulation is encouraged—these changes will transform not only medical information, but the entire field of medicine itself.

If we can appropriately and effectively utilize the latest technologies, such as those seen in cloud services or iPads and other tablet devices, we will be able to improve the quality of data processing, make those processes more efficient, and increase data connectivity at dramatically lower costs, thereby advancing medicine itself. By leveraging ICT, we will be able to bring smiles to many more patients and to everyone involved in the field.

At MediWeb, we have the unshakeable core conviction that ICT can improve medicine. Making use of our ample experience in both medical practice and the latest ICT, as well as rock-solid technical skills, we hope to contribute to the promotion of information cooperation and circulation between medical institutions, patients, medical firms, and all players in the field of medicine.

Our team is always pushing forward, united in unrelenting effort and in our conviction that with our skills and spirit, we can contribute to better medicine for tomorrow’s world and start writing a new page in the history of medical ICT.

Hao-Yung Yang
Chairman and CEO, M.D.

Takashi Satake 
President & COO

Takashi Satake

We strive to enable the sharing of value that brings about convenience and comfort—win-win relationships to those who participate.

At MediWeb, we believe that Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) are tools for the creation of convenience and comfort.
If ICT becomes more widespread in medical practice, making its work easier and more intuitive, the result will be more satisfied patients and practitioners. The more satisfied everyone is, the more we can contribute to patients' quality of life.

Of course, convenience and comfort alone are not enough.
Our vision is for medical ICT not only to provide convenience, but also to bring about high additional value.

Take our flagship 3Bees service as an example: all of our applications for improving patient service are provided free of charge.
Our mission is to use the latest technology to develop outstanding applications at low cost. We procure the necessary development and operation costs by working with partners that support this vision. We are changing the culture of hospitals, who are currently having to shoulder the burden of initial infrastructural investment, and at the same time, providing a business model that promotes the linkage of information between hospitals, patients, and medical firms.

How can we best create an organization that promotes these win-win relationships, all while adding value? At MediWeb, answering that question is precisely what our core business is about.

We want to create a future for health care in which our health needs are better met by doctors and medical practitioners who are not swamped by complicated, frustrating, or bothersome tasks. To that end, we continue to partner with numerous firms in the medical sector to pursue cutting-edge, value-added ICT solutions that are both convenient and affordable.

On behalf of all of us at MediWeb, thank you for your support. We look forward to your continued partnership as we strive to meet—and exceed —your expectations.

Takashi Satake
President & COO